What is Nanoshields?

Nanoshields is an Arduino-compatible modular electronics platform. With it, you can combine different modules to build a wide variety of electronics projects for education, rapid prototyping and for fun. For instance, you can detect a button being pushed, control lights or LEDs, read a temperature sensor, show data on an LCD display, communicate with a computer through USB or Ethernet, and much more.

By using Nanoshields, you have the advantage of eliminating excess wiring in your project and minimizing tasks such as soldering and fastening things together. This way you make your projects more elegant, compact and robust. Furthermore, you can very quickly recombine the Nanoshields you already own in a different way. This allows rapid prototyping of various different projects without spending a lot of time with repetitive tasks, ultimately empowering your creativity.

Projects built with the Nanoshields almost always include a microcontroller – a chip that runs software to control the different modules attached to the project. You can use the popular Arduino microcontroller board in versions UNO, Duemilanove, Diecimila, Nano, Mega or similar. We also provide the Alevino, an Arduino-compatible Nanoshield that can be programmed just like an Arduino.

The software can be written using the very popular Arduino IDE, which is supported by a very large online community. To control each one of the Nanoshields, you can use the open source software libraries and code examples that we provide. You can also find all the hardware documentation available on our website.

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